Wednesday, December 2, 2009

'Henna Pure' henna design paste.

We now make 100% Organic design paste called 'Henna Pure' for mehandi henna.I take pride in mixing henna design paste in a safe and effective manner for your henna tattoo designs.
My paste contains essential oils and lemon juice and has no fillers or
chemicals to harm the skin.NO PPD IN MY HENNA. Please fell free to contact me for your design paste. Pictured above is my henna Jamila design paste for Arabic henna designs, to define your floral and henna paisley designs.

EMAIL: for Henna Paste Ordering


Henna by Heather said...

You're in Washington, DC? You should join us for the Northeast Henna Gathering in Providence, RI in March! There will be a woman there who is a cancer survior, and she is very much looking forward to sharing with people how henna can help cancer patients spiritually and emotionally. You guys should talk!

Mina said...

Greetings and thanks for your comments.I look forward to the gathering in March and will try to be sure to be there. Please feel free to share my contact info with this woman.

Take care
Anita Amina


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