Friday, July 10, 2015

Natural Henna Mehndi in Luxor

Luxor henna,natural Mehndi

Designs of Henna Mehndi for Eid.

I have been busy mixing up some Sudanese henna for Eid cone gifts. The best way to promote natural henna and not the black kind is to have a fresh design on hands and henna cones available indeed!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sifted Henna Powder

Sifted Henna
What Makes Henna Expensive

 What really makes henna top quality besides its stain ability is it's sift. Once sifted finely, your ability to use many types of applicators becomes almost endless. This becomes important too if you tend touse very fine lines in your Mehndi designs. Designs from India utilize very fine intricate lines often in wedding Henna Mehndi, leaving romantic messages and bride and groom images. Sudan designs however are bold and don't use as many thin fine lines as her neighbor India.
Fine Line India Wedding Mehndi
Bold Sudan style Mehndi
Right now as we speak I am working on a henna sifter design which will enable us to sift any brand of henna which may not be triple sift from India. We will offer it here and on our sister site Ink Sopt Henna soon. Keep sifting guys! Happy Mehndi! 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sudan Henna test...

It was fun mixing his henna from Sudan. I swear it's stain is just as good as the Rajistanir triple sift henna from India. The main draw back is that it's not triple sift, but that's ok because I find a super fine mesh sifter here in he markets which works wonderful for you to sift your henna before mixing. I do have a tutorial at Sanpguige on mixing henna Mehndi paste for body art. 

Dye release after first sitting.
Lemons are very tiny here and it would take a car load to get a cup so I use this tea liquid method or I use vinegar. I think your liquid depends on what's available to you and also your chosen henna powder. The henna design I present here I used vinegar in the mix. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Bangles ,Mehndi and special items from India.

To order using pay pal.  Soon I will be offering more items.  Enjoy!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Meena Henna fun in India

I was looking for one more inch of skin this morning to do Mehndi on! The Henna applied a week ago to my feet and ankles is still hanging in there with a nice stain.

Lets see how long it lasts. I am going out today to get the labels printed for my henna cones. In the meantime it's been fun moving about and taking in the local sites. Yesterday early evening when Myself and Yahya were walking outside we spotted a local who had just finished eating and was considering his next move.

What a wonderful place to visit. Now lets see if I can find some local henna Mehndi in action. It seams so far looks many are just 'Naturals' at doing Mehndi. Below is an example of Nazia's hennaart.

See you soon. Peace!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

'Meena' Henna Rajahistani Cone release

Ink Spot Mehndi and Aminah Designs debut of our 'Meena' Rajahistani henna Mehndi cone for Spring 2014. We are now on the process of packaging our ready made Mehndi cones which will be ready for shipment by the end of March. Ot was a huge blessing to find a high quality healthy product I stand behind. The stain is beautiful and is very good for one week of wear then it starts to fade. Your client will be happy after the usual 24 to 36 hour cure time of this henna which wears well. Below are examples of quality of the stain it gives.  Rss and book mark us for its debut! Peace!


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